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Borealis Sea Front Cottage

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Borealis Cottage offers an unbeatable view of the sea and makes you wonder where you truly are. The outdoor area is characterised by simplicity and ambiences that relax you and help your mind drift. This three stories villa has a minimal yet eclectic style. It consists of five bedrooms the 4 of which have double beds. The two double and the one with two single beds bedrooms are located at the first floor above the ground while the two other double bedrooms are situated on the underground level which borders with the garden. On the middle storey there is the kitchen with the dinning room and the living room where the family can spend quality time while they can be enjoying the sunset view from the balcony. Outside, guests can enjoy eating and drinking while grilling delicious meals on the barbecue. Inside the territory of the villa there is a green garden that has a view of the sea where the guests can relax in the afternoons drinking refreshments and watching their children play, listening to the sounds of the sea.


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Дополнительные детали

  • Вместимость: 10 персон
  • Минимальное проживание: 7 дней
  • Двухместные спальни с A/C: 4
  • Спальня с двумя кроватями с A/C: 1
  • Ванные и санузлы: 3
  • Интернет: Free, WiFi
  • Пляж: 10 м
  • Магазин: 15 м
  • Транспорт: 20 м
  • Город: 62 км (Салоники)
  • Аэропорт: 52 км


  • Город: Неа Муданья
  • Штат / Страна: Халкидики
  • Окрестности: Кассандра
  • Страна: Греция

Контактный агент

Марина Стергиу
  • Марина Стергиу
  • +30 6971 87 87 00
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