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Heimdallur Island Villa

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Welcome to Heimdallur Island Villa in Diaporos, your new, secret ecoparadise. Allow yourself to meet its spectacular scenery for the first time: here is Greece in all its splendour. The stunningly clean and calm sea invites you for a refreshing relief from populated destinations. The mild weather and the pure, virgin nature make each moment of your stay worthwhile. Here, you will have your own private paradise.

This unique property of 19.000 sqm total surface area lies in the northeastern side of the island, between two private natural coves with calm, warm waters and a private jetty for easy access, where both big yachts and sailing boats can moor. The quarters cover a total of 920 sqm, including the main villa of 820 sqm, the mini villa of 47 sqm and two independent staff houses of 53 sqm in total. Here bright white elegance is set against a luxuriant green backdrop of lawn, offering a magnificent retreat in the most superb location.

Villa lies in the northeast side of the island between two private natural coves. The spacious ground floor includes a magnificent living room, a dining room, a study/library, an office and a meeting room. Also on the ground floor 4 spacious bedrooms with distinctive architecture and interior design, floor-to- ceiling windows and a total of 6 bathrooms. The modern furniture has been carefully chosen to symbolise the island’s calm yet enjoyable atmosphere. The first floor features 4 bedrooms, one master bedroom with majestic views. The modern kitchen is fully- equipped to meet high standards with appliances from well-known international brands. The external beach front studio for two, offers a charming bedroom, a bathroom, a sitting room, a lovely private terrace with sea view and a private Jacuzzi for priceless moments of secluded relaxation. Heimdallur Island Villa is a personal paradise.


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  • Город: Диапорос
  • Штат / Страна: Халкидики
  • Окрестности: Ситония
  • Страна: Греция

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