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Nutsford Private Pool Villa

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Nutsford Villa is designed to make you feel at home. It is a cozy but also luxurious villa, fully-equipped in order to offer you everything you might need during your stay. The great number of windows and balcony doors flood all the rooms with natural light and lets you see the magnificent views of the sea. While entering the patio you can see the swimming pool where you can swim in the refreshing water while having a mesmerizing view of the surrounding forest and the blue Aegean sea. You can lay on the sun lounge beds and enjoy an evening cocktail while the sun goes down and the sounds of summer fire up. The BBQ area with the gorgeous living and dining area is perfect for relaxation or bonding time with the family, but also private gatherings or even small parties. The sandy beach is a 10-minute walk through an amazing pine forest full of summer smells that will stay in your memory reminding you your summer in Greece.

In Nutsford Villa you will find three double bedrooms with queen size beds, all with en-suite bathrooms, so it accommodates comfortably up to six guests. For families traveling together, a baby crib is available. You will also find a fully equipped kitchen for creating your home cooked meals. In the facilities there is also free wifi and flat screen TV with DVD player for evenings in, where you can enjoy peaceful movie nights with a summer breeze entering from the open balcony doors that lead to the garden. There is also a fireplace that you can light up for comfortable and romantic nights.


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Дополнительные детали

  • Вместимость: 6 персон
  • Минимальное проживание : 7 дней
  • Двухместные спальни с A/C: 3
  • Ванные и санузлы: 3
  • Санузлы: 1
  • Интернет: WiFi
  • Пляж: 800 м
  • Магазин: 4 км
  • Транспорт: 4 км
  • Поселок: 4 км
  • Город: 97 км (Салоники)
  • Аэропорт: 87 км


  • Город: Элани
  • Штат / Страна: Халкидики
  • Окрестности: Кассандра
  • Страна: Греция

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