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Rizes I Lux Pool Villa

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Welcome to the HalkidikiVillas, where you will find both comfort and luxury. A large villa with spacious rooms, this one offers a scenic view and cosy feeling. This one comes with a wide garden and swimming pool. The garden gives you a chance to relax under the sun and enjoy your breakfast with your family. Apart from the garden, you will find breathtaking view outside. Here you can experience serenity and solace while you are vacating. Enough space for accommodating 6 people, this villa come with 4 bedrooms. On the semi ground floor, you will find a spacious living room. 1 double bedroom with 1 bathroom can also be found here. The upper floor offers 1 double bedroom, 2 single bedrooms and a bathroom. This is one of the most favourite Sani villas.


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Дополнительные детали

  • Вместимость: 6 персон
  • Минимальное проживание: 7 дней
  • Одноместные спальни : 2
  • Двухместные спальни: 2
  • Ванные и санузлы: 3
  • Пляж: 1,4 км
  • Магазин: 1,4 км
  • Поселок: 1,4 км
  • Город: 86 км (Салоники)
  • Аэропорт: 76 км


  • Город: Сани
  • Штат / Страна: Халкидики
  • Окрестности: Кассандра
  • Страна: Греция

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