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Sofia Garden Kiosk

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A villa in Halkidiki which will welcome you to luxury and comfort. This luxury villa gives an opportunity to live in comfort. A view of the vast, endless sea is a gift that you can give yourself while vacationing. Sit with yourself or your family and enjoy looking at the sea. 3 luxury bedrooms can accommodate 7 people. If you are planning a vacation with your entire family, this is the place to live in. The villa comes with a wide garden. You can spend some quality alone time here. Read a book or just be with yourself, nothing will give you a chance to reconnect. Those who like to indulge in sports will be delighted to know that the villa is located near a tennis court. You can send your kids out to stretch their muscles for a while. The villa comes with 2 double bedrooms , one bedroom with single bed and sofa bed and 2 bathrooms. Garden furniture is an added facility which this villa offers to its boarders. You will also get a fully equipped kitchen and free Internet connection.


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Дополнительные детали

  • Вместимость : 7 персон
  • Минимальное проживание: 7 дней
  • Одноместные спальни: 1
  • Двухместные спальни: 1
  • Двухместные спальни с A/C: 1
  • Дополнительно: Диван-кровать в одной из спальни
  • Ванные и санузлы: 2
  • Интернет: Free, WiFi
  • Пляж : 1 км
  • Магазин: 3 км
  • Транспорт: 3км
  • Поселок: 3 км
  • Город: 87 км (Салоники)
  • Аэропорт: 97 км


  • Город: Элани
  • Штат / Страна: Халкидики
  • Окрестности: Кассандра
  • Страна: Греция

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